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Throughout the long history of pizza, many interesting facts arouse around this interesting dish. The constant rise of its popularity meant and its worldwide domination as most beloved source of “fast” and “health” food meant that pizza managed to infuse its self into everyday life of many societies.

Pizza variations

Pizza Types

With the long and interesting history, pizza managed to found its place in the every corner of our world. Naturally, different cultures and local cuisines played big part in the creation of vide variety of pizza types. Here you can find out more about how popular pizza variations around the world.

Funny Pizza

Pizza Fun Facts

During the course of the last few centuries, pizza managed to be closely infused into our lives. Here you can find some of the most interesting fun facts about this incredible dish.

Is Pizza Good or Bad

Pizza and Health

The health question that surrounds pizza has created much controversy over the past decades. While many food chains made pizza food using their “fast food” mentality, the original recipes for home and restaurant made pizza still represents one of the healthiest food on the today’s market. Here you can find out more about this interesting matter.

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